Why “Gluten Free” and “Economics”?

Don’t worry, I use to shutter at those words, too. I still remember the taste of freshly baked bread and mouth-watering cinnamon rolls. I remember getting straight A’s in all of my courses and breezing through tests. Then celiac hit. Then economics happened. Fortunately for me, both turns in my journey arrived at the same time. What I thought was a detour became my new way of life. I stopped eating cereal, pizza, and doughnuts, and found myself struggling to finish a class. At first, I was discouraged when I walked past bakeries or saw classmates understand concepts at the tip of the hat. But, I finally realized that these precious moments I once scorned are shaping me into the person I NEED to become. I need to know difficulty in order to know excellence. I need to learn pain in order to know peace. I need to know chaos in order to know balance. I need to face fear in order to grow courage.

This blog is dedicated to my challenges, triumphs, recipes, and views as a gluten free economist.


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